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BJ's Wholesale Club Lg Headsets & Headphones

Enjoy Wireless Audio Headsets & Earphones

Browse this collection of LG headsets & headphones at BJ's Wholesale Club and find your must'have accessory. Talk on the phone on the go or rock out to your favorite music while you commute. With LG wireless bluetooth headphones from this line, you'll have amazing audio clarity, a premium microphone, and a comfortable, cord-free fit. Powerful batteries that last for many hours on a single charge will ensure you reach your destination before the tunes cut out. They're easy to connect to any bluetooth enabled source.

LG headsets are ideal hands-free accessories for people who like to talk on the phone throughout the day. They're also great for gamers who need to be in constant contact with their squad while on a mission. LG earbuds, headphones and headsets from BJ's Wholesale Club are available at a fantastic low price. Use your membership card to get an amazing deal on these cutting edge designs today.