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Keep Your Workplace and Home Bright With Lighting and Light Bulbs

Whether you need a lamp for your bedroom, light bulbs for your office, or flood lights for outside your property, you can find a great selection when you shop at BJ's Wholesale Club. We have plenty of top-rated light bulbs and beautiful lamps for many settings.

A Lamp for Your Bedroom or Office

At BJ's Wholesale Club, we have some beautiful lamps for your home and for the office. You can get a table lamp for your bedside table, the living room, or even your covered patio. Plus, a desk lamp is a great lighting addition to your office desk at work or at home.

Light Bulbs for the Office

When you need plenty of light for a big, open office or a private office, you can get all of the LED light bulbs for lamps and other types of lighting in the office at BJ's Wholesale Club. Not only do we carry LED light bulbs, but we also carry traditional halogen light bulbs for lamps.

LED Light Bulbs for Outside

No one likes walking up the front walkway or steps when it's dark, but getting LED light bulbs for outside will greatly improve your ability to see at night time. Flood lights and other LED light bulbs are a great way to add much-needed light sources to many places outside. Not only can you use them to illuminate the front steps, but you can also put them in the garden or on the back patio so that you can enjoy the outdoors at night. Flood lights are also a great way to scare away potential intruders.

When you need lighting options for a variety of places, come to BJ's Wholesale Club to stock up on the supplies that you need. When you get a Membership Card, not only can you shop in the store, but you can even do your shopping online.