Major Appliances

A Great Selection of Appliances

When looking to buy new major appliances, finding a store you can trust for quality and affordability is important. BJ's Wholesale Club offers various kitchen appliances and home appliances at great prices. Regular appliance stores often have select options of appliances at a premium; however, with BJ's, you can get whatever you might need at wholesale prices. From fridges to mixers, water coolers to stoves, BJ's has a variety of home appliances.

Upgrades in the Kitchen

If you spend a lot of time in the kitchen, having quality kitchen appliances makes a big difference. BJ's Wholesale Club provides plenty of options for kitchen appliances at prices that beat many typical appliance stores. Whether you are looking for a refrigerator, stove, microwave or something else, BJ's has something for you. Whip up some Jalapeno Popper Party Dip and Pizza Rolls on one of our Whirlpool stoves, or combine the power of an air fryer with a toaster with the Ninja Foodi oven. Pick up a housewarming gift or replace an old, well-loved kitchen appliance. Chances are, you can find something at BJ's.

Appliances for the Whole Home

BJ's selection isn't limited to solely kitchen appliances. Having clean air circulating your home is easy with a purchase of an air purifier or air filter from BJ's Wholesale Club. Other home appliances, like washing machines, air conditioners and fans, are also available at affordable rates when you're a BJ's Club member. You might not need a membership at traditional appliance stores, but at BJ's, you'll know you're saving money.

Buying major appliances is easy when you can shop with BJ's Wholesale Club rather than typical appliance stores. Become a member today to access great deals and discounts on appliances and more.