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Massage Chairs That Help You Relieve Stress and Muscle Tension

Tense muscles is a problem many people can relate to, especially as they get older. Life's stresses seem to store themselves in your muscles and accumulate over time. Using a massage recliner chair on a regular basis helps release tension from your muscles so that you can feel more relaxed and at ease.

Zero Gravity Massage Chairs

Consider choosing a zero gravity massage chair; they use technology that astronauts use during blast-off. This type of massage recliner chair reduces stress on your spine and elevates your feet and legs above your heart. The chair can massage your entire body.

BJ's Wholesale Club has several options in zero gravity massage chairs. Available features in some of these zero gravity massage chairs are heating, an incremental timer, a remote control and bluetooth speakers so you can listen to your music while relaxing. Some models are capable of massaging your feet. Another possible feature is the option for manual control of the massaging.

Foldable Massage Chairs

BJ's has foldable massage chairs for sale, too. They are convenient for small spaces because they are less bulky and can be stored out of the way when they're not in use. Some of the foldable massage chairs for sale have a heated feature and multiple levels of seat vibration.

Other Features of Massage Chairs for Sale

Massage recliner chairs commonly have a control panel on the arm rest that makes it easy to adjust the massage functions. Shiatsu is a popular type of massage used in massage chairs. It is characterized by targeting acupressure points in a rhythmic sequence. Although it's a Japanese massage therapy, shiatsu follows principles from Chinese traditional medicine.

How customizable your massage recliner chair is depends on the model you buy. Not all of them have heated or varying vibration functions although many do. Buying a massage recliner chair can help you relieve stress so that you can be more relaxed with your family and happier in life. It's a way of treating yourself after a long day. Consider signing up for one of our memberships to enjoy year-round savings on the products you need.