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About Mayonnaise

When it comes to making certain salads, mayonnaise is an essential ingredient. Some love this condiment so much that they keep several jars stored in their refrigerators to ensure that they never run out. Whether you want mayo for sandwiches and burgers or one for salads, turn to BJ's Wholesale Club.

Miracle Whip vs. Mayo

One thing to keep in mind before adding a jar to your cart is that Miracle Whip and Hellmann's mayonnaise are different. Though Miracle Whip has the same consistency and color, it has a different flavor profile. Some find that they love the tangy flavor that it adds to dishes. If you dislike the flavor, choose Hellmann's mayonnaise or mayo from another company. Many companies that make condiments and salad dressings also make mayo. Though some use oil and eggs, others are vegan and safe for those who do not eat animal byproducts. You'll find low-fat and sugar-free versions, too.

Using Mayonnaise at Home

Mayonnaise is a crucial ingredient in some salads. The recipe for loaded baked potato salad calls for mayo mixed with spices and ingredients that you then fold into your cooked potatoes. Similar recipes replace the potatoes with eggs or ham. Mixing mayonnaise with ketchup creates fry sauce that you can use for dipping. Adding pickles and some spices turns the dip into burger sauce that tastes like it came from a restaurant. You'll even find recipes that call for Hellmann's mayonnaise to make a chocolate cake.

At BJ's Wholesale Club, we sell Miracle Whip and other condiments in containers that hold up to 128 ounces to ensure that you never run out of mayo. You get enough to top dozens of burgers and sandwiches and whip up loads of salads. Sign up for a BJ's Membership Card today to view all the condiments that you can buy today.