Memory Foam Mattresses


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Foam Mattresses Deliver Many Benefits

Poor sleep quality robs you day after day of the ability to perform at your best. If you or a loved one complains about discomfort, consider the benefits of foam mattresses. Many people report sleeping better on memory foam mattresses.

Relief for Pressure Points

As you sleep, pressure can build up against your shoulders, hips, or spine. This is an especially common problem for side sleepers. Foam mattresses squish around your body's contours instead of pressing against them. This distributes pressure across your body instead of focusing it on certain parts. As a result, a memory foam mattress could make waking up stiff and sore a thing of the past.

No Squeaking

A restless sleeping partner on a metal spring mattress can wake you up over and over through the night because of the squeaking. A memory foam mattress in queen size provides enough room for two people to sleep together without disturbing each other. Memory foam mattresses also end your concerns about bothering other household members with squeaking.


Do you live with someone who struggles with allergies? Help that person out with a new memory foam mattress in king size. The materials in a memory foam mattress are hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites, an irritant that no one wants to think about while lying in bed.

Low Maintenance

Quality memory foam mattresses from BJ's Wholesale Club can last for many years. A memory foam mattress doesn't require any flipping or turning like metal-spring mattresses. That will be one less thing on your endless to-do list.

Foam mattresses have the potential to solve many sleep problems. Better sleep on a memory foam mattress could improve your ability to function throughout the day. That could be priceless on top of saving real money when you buy a full size memory foam mattress at BJ's. Learn how to get a BJ's Membership today.