Microwave Ovens


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Create New Possibilities With a Countertop Microwave

Microwaves have many uses that people often don't realize. From popcorn to steamed vegetables, these affordable gadgets can make snacks and meals in just a few minutes. Whether you're brewing tea or "baking" mug cake, a new microwave will please the whole family. Many households can benefit from two or three small microwaves scattered throughout the house.

The Many Uses of Microwave Ovens

Microwaves aren't just for leftovers. Anyone in the family can cook an entire meal in one of these convenient appliances. Some microwave ovens include extra functions, such as convection cooking and air frying. They can make low-fat gourmet meals in no time, including roasted chicken and vegetables. Countertop microwaves are perfect for cooking potatoes, pasta and oatmeal. With all the great uses of a small microwave, you'll keep your family happy for years to come.

Safe and Efficient Cooking

Microwave ovens are more efficient than stovetops and conventional ovens. Drawing just 900 watts of power, a small microwave cooks quickly by sealing in heat. It won't get hot on the outside, so the kitchen will stay cooler, too. Although the contents inside will be steaming hot, the exterior of a countertop microwave will remain at room temperature. The microwave uses safe heat radiation to thoroughly cook food from the inside out.

Elegant Style

One convenient feature of a small microwave is that it can be mounted over the cooking range to free up space on the counter. Microwave ovens vary in size from less than 1 cubic foot to more than 2 cubic feet. A countertop microwave can increase your productivity and reduce kitchen clutter. Your family will love the elegant look of a new microwave in the center of your kitchen.

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