Milk-Bone Dog Treats


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Tasty Milk-Bone Dog Treats Your Dog Is Secretly Begging For!

Being willing to do anything for your fluffy canine family is just as much human nature as drinking water or breathing air. Every dog owner will likely agree that these furry friends deserve to be spoiled. Naturally, that includes a supply of delicious Milk-Bone dog treats! Your dog might not be able to tell you which Milk-Bones they're craving, but we have the inside scoop on Milk-Bones for dogs, including classic Milk-Bones and mini Milk-Bones!

The Classic Milk-Bone Dog Treats

Milk-Bones are a classic treat. You might notice it stirs up memories or creates a warm nostalgic feeling. These Milk-Bone biscuits have been around for years. Many of us grew up reaching our hands into this red box to pull out a Milk-Bone for our favorite friend. It's timeless. And yes, the dogs still love it! Not only will your dog think they're delicious, but they also contain and their crunch texture helps remove plaque buildup.

Chewy Mini Milk-Bones

These chewy mini Milk-Bones are a delectable treat for smaller breeds. Much like the classic Milk-Bone dog treats, pet owners will be pleased to know they are rich in nutrients. Containing real bone marrow, these Milk-Bones for dogs are rich in calcium and other nutrients.

Delicious Beef Flavor Treats

Just like humans, our dogs can crave variety! These Milk-Bones come in a variety of flavors, including a savory beef. Soft, chewy, and packed with protein — what more could a dog ask for? As with all Milk-Bone treats food dog, these are fortified with 12 vitamins and minerals!

From tasty mini Milk-Bones to classic large Milk-Bones for dogs, BJ's Wholesale Club has an option for every breed! With flexible SDD and BJ's Pickup options, there's no reason not to spoil man's best friend!