Oatmeal and Granola


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Start Your Day With Oatmeal

When morning hunger pangs hit, a bowl of oatmeal is sure to satisfy. Whether you need to be out the door in a hurry or have time to sit and savor your meal, this popular breakfast option will give you the energy you need to make it until lunchtime. BJ's stocks instant oatmeal, one-minute oats and oat-based granola to fulfill your breakfast needs.

Feeding the Kids

Does your breakfast crowd include picky children? Instant oatmeal will save the day! Do you remember those little brown packs of Quaker Oatmeal? They still exist, and we stock them in a bulk box at a low price with a BJ's Membership.

We know how difficult it is to get your older children out of bed in time for a healthy breakfast. BJ's also carries oat-based granola, a great way to get the goodness of Quaker Oatmeal on the go.

Curbing After-School Appetites

When everyone bursts through the door after a long day at school, it's instant oatmeal to the rescue. Instant oatmeal has been a breakfast staple for decades, but have you ever thought of it as an after-school snack? Whip up a quick packet of this nostalgic favorite, and the kitchen will be closed until dinnertime.

Oatmeal Cookies? Yes, Please!

Are you trying to replicate Grandma's famous oatmeal cookie recipe? Perhaps your family is craving apple crisp on a fall afternoon. When a special dessert is in order, make sure you have plenty of oats on hand.

Quaker Oatmeal One-Minute Oats are a versatile addition to your pantry. Not only do they feed the troops at breakfast, but you can use them in your favorite recipes with stellar results.

Check breakfast items off of your shopping list at BJ's. We offer a variety of oatmeal products, including Quaker Oatmeal One-Minute Oats, instant oatmeal and oat-based granola. Stop by our member sign-up page to learn how to save on these breakfast favorites with a BJ's Membership.