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Classic Ingredients for Excellent Meals

You may not always think so, but oil and vinegar are unsung heroes of the kitchen. The meat and vegetables you serve may be in the spotlight, but they couldn't get where they are without these important ingredients.

Choosing the Best Product for the Job

It's dinner time! But what's on the menu? Are you cooking up a stir fry, making a low-heat sauté, or frying up a treat? The right oil for each cooking method makes all the difference for the taste and texture of your food and helps to avoid excess smoke. Although extra virgin olive oil is renowned for its smooth flavor and clean taste, it isn't good for deep frying or cooking on high heat. Corn oil is the deep-frying champion, but it wouldn't be the best choice for an Italian meal. Other popular choices, like coconut and avocado, add extra hints of flavor that kick a great meal to the next level when prepared using medium to high heat.

Using Flavored Products

All oils have some natural flavor. That's part of why so many people have made the switch to coconut and avocado. Flavored extra virgin olive oils from brands like Fattoria and LaDolce, however, bring something new to the table. Enjoy flavors specifically designed for dipping bread, and marvel at the taste of a good garlic infusion. Rosemary, oregano, and basil flavors bring new dimensions to your favorite pastas, soups, salads, and more. Add a drop or two to some homemade bread for a special treat or use it to make vegetables taste amazing.

Vinegar: Surprisingly Good

While vinegar has worked hard to earn its bitter reputation, people all too often forget how great it tastes in recipes. Balsamic vinegar makes delicious dressing, and no sweet-and-sour recipe is complete without at least a little bite to it.

Versatile Cooking Sprays

Cooking spray can enhance a quick meal. In a hurry to fry an egg in the morning? Try avocado oil spray from Chosen Foods or Wellsley Farms. Keep it simple with canola varieties, prep roasted veggies with extra virgin olive flavor, or grab a can of PAM.

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