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Everyday Savings on Paper Shredders

Your trash or recycling bins can be honeypots for identity thieves looking for personal information. Household paper shredders protect your privacy. After your sensitive papers go through a document shredder, you can dispose of them without worry. And let's admit it—you feel a certain satisfaction every time the blades buzz through sheets of paper.

Ideal for Working From Home

If your home office does a lot of printing of confidential materials, you need a heavy-duty shredder. With a heavy-duty shredder, you can process pages in bulk and get the job done fast.

Even if you can write off a heavy-duty shredder as a job or business expense, you hardly want to pay big bucks for one. Don't worry. BJ's Wholesale Club brings you paper shredders and other premium products at low prices. If you'd like to skip running errands after work, choose our Same-Day Delivery. We can drop off a new document shredder right away.

Animal Bedding

Does someone at your house have a cute critter, like a rabbit or hamster? Well, send the junk mail and used-up school worksheets through a document shredder. Paper shredders produce nice, clean bedding for small pets to play in.


Whoever has a green thumb around the house can get a nice compost pile going with shredded paper. Household paper shredders can chop your unwanted papers. Mix the shred with food scraps in the garden. The fibrous shred will break down along with the other organic matter to create a rich soil amendment.

BJ's stocks a variety of household paper shredders with different features and capacities. We sell basic paper shredders along with heavy-duty shredder models that crosscut. While you're picking out a new document shredder, take a look at our printers, too. Sign up for a BJ's Membership today.