Perdue Chicken


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Easy Dinner Options That Everyone Will Love

You'd be hard-pressed to find someone who doesn't like chicken. Perdue chicken is specially bred, cut and formulated to be a tasty and healthy food option for families everywhere. With the combination of raw meats as well as frozen, easily microwavable options, Perdue has everything your family could need for lunch and dinner options. Shop Perdue chicken breast as well as frozen, easy-to-make Perdue chicken nuggets and other products at BJ's Wholesale Club.

Frozen Options for the Families on the Run

Perdue chicken breast is easily available for families who are looking to make something from scratch. But for those families that don't have a lot of time, Perdue offers several different options to make meal prep easier. This includes Perdue chicken nuggets as well as Perdue chicken breast that comes pre-breaded and pre-cut. Just insert it into the oven and reheat. Families who are truly in a rush can utilize our Curbside Pickup options.

Perdue Turkey Options as an Alternative

In addition to their selection of chicken options, Perdue turkey is also made to be a delicious and healthy option for every family. Perdue ground turkey is a great option for people who are looking to make an easy stir fry meal or turkey burgers as an alternative to red meats. Perdue turkey has all of the same benefits as the chicken options – it's healthy, safe, and easy to make. BJ's Members can browse the wide selection of Perdue turkey and Perdue ground turkey options.

Shop Perdue Ground Turkey at BJ's Wholesale

BJ's Wholesale Club is happy to offer several different options to our shoppers. As a BJ's Member, you can browse our selection of Perdue Chicken and Perdue ground turkey options the way you want. Members have the option to buy online or buy in-store. Curbside pickup means that families can pick up dinner on their way home from school or work. And BJ's Members always get the best deals and exclusives. Join today!