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BJ's Wholesale Club Pest Control

Bug Zappers and Pest Control

Effective pest control can be the difference between a short afternoon get together and good times that extend well into the evening. You can expand the appeal of your outdoor entertaining spaces with bug zappers, pest repellent, and other garden defense solutions from BJ's Wholesale Club. This stock includes insect sprays, personal repellent, ant killer, and pest traps that can keep your exterior spaces free of pests so you can enjoy more relaxing times with family and friends. You can also find a selection of interior pest control solutions such as roach poison and sealing gel that creates an impenetrable border around the most popularly visited areas of your home in just minutes after application. Take back your favorite escapes from the everyday with the extensive assortment of insect repellent, insect zappers, and other pest control products in stock at BJ's Wholesale Club.

Indoor and Outdoor Insect Repellent

Insects and other pests are not only a nuisance, but can cause a range of health and sanitation issues as well. BJ's Wholesale Club is home to everything you need to protect your home and its spaces from unwanted visitors including ants, roaches, and flying insects. Personal pest control options such as reusable repellent bands are perfect for entertaining, keeping pesky airborne invaders from plaguing family and friends during outdoor affairs for hours at a time. You can also control flying insects with a bug and mosquito zapper from this outdoor collection. These advanced designs minimize pests by drawing them into the internal elimination chamber without harmful chemicals. For stubborn insects, bug sprays deliver an even higher level of protection while being safe for use around your guests. You can even mount an effective defense against intruding pests with insecticides designed for your home's most vulnerable interior spaces. These repellents are approved for application around your children and pets, killing ants, flies, gnats, roaches, spiders and other insects on contact and providing continued protection for up to 12 weeks after initial application. Defend your home with indoor and outdoor pest control solutions at BJ's Wholesale Club.