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Plush Toys Make Kids Smile

Is there anything sweeter than watching a child hug a new plush toy? Stuffed animals instantly make kids want to snuggle; plus, they make them feel loved. Here is a guide to playing with kids and their plushies, decorating with them, and giving them as gifts.

Stuffed Animals Encourage Play

Every grand imagination requires a cast of characters. There are few better buddies for your child's adventures than his or her favorite stuffed animals.

It's so much fun to jump in and play with your child. Turn the couch into a boat, line up his or her favorite stuffed animals as the crew — maybe even put in that giant teddy bear as the captain — and sail off on a grand voyage of discovery! Offer scenarios and definitely follow along with your child's ideas. You can learn a lot about what your child values and is interested in by engaging in play with them.

Stuffed Animals Brighten Up Spaces

Plushies are a great way to decorate your child's room. Choose a color scheme and buy plushies in various hues of it. You can also add stuffed animal "sentinels" in spots your child passes frequently, like a bench in the hall or in a basket. If there is a place in your home that sometimes makes your child nervous, such as a closet or basement, adding a favorite plush toy to "stand guard" can help your child overcome his or her fears. Give that giant teddy bear the job of watching the closet!

Stuffed Animals as Gifts

You can't go wrong with plushies as gifts. Kids love them, and parents know they've got so many uses! Check out BJ Wholesale Club's selection of plush toys... and maybe you'll find a giant teddy bear you just can't resist giving to your favorite niece or nephew.

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