Pool Shock


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Pick Up Pool Shock for More Natural Water

When you have a home pool or hot tub, you need to regularly test the water and add chemicals to ensure that the water is clean and safe. Pool shock is a type of pool chemical that BJ's Wholesale Club sells, and a pool shock treatment is a great alternative to chlorine because it doesn't carry the same smell.

Home Pool

Maintaining your pool year round or even just during the summer can be a major job if you don't have the right chemicals. But when you use pool shock, you can get the pH of your pool just right in less time. Pool Shock is especially great for indoor pools because you won't have to smell the chemicals, but a pool shock treatment is also a great solution for outdoor pools.

Hotel Pool

If you're in charge of maintaining a hotel pool, you'll love that a pool shock treatment can greatly cut down on the amount of chlorine that you use. Chlorine can make your guests' eyes watery and can generally make the indoor pool area harder to be enjoy. Liquid pool shock is great for both indoor and outdoor hotel pools, and liquid pool shock is ideal in hotel hot tubs, too.

Home Hot Tubs

Multi-purpose pool shock also works in your home hot tub. You might think that your hot tub stays cleaner for longer because there's a limited number of people who go in and out of it on a daily basis, but you need multi-purpose pool shock to kill germs and to ensure that your hot tub is always safe to use. Pool shock treatments can be done in almost any kind of pool or tub where you might also use chlorine and other chemicals, but liquid pool shock is easier on the nose and eyes whether your hot tub is indoors or outside.

If you need multi-purpose pool shock, find it at BJ's Wholesale Club. We have all of the liquid Pool Shock to keep your pool or hot tub clean and safe. You can buy multi-purpose pool shock in bulk with us when you buy a Membership Card. In fact, we'll even do same day delivery on many of your purchases.