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Portable Air Conditioners Provide Affordable and Convenient Cooling

Lightweight, portable AC units make it easy to keep indoor air feeling cool and comfortable. Since they do not need to be mounted like traditional ACs, you can use one without altering a rental home or having to pay for costly installation. Their portability makes it easy to cool any room in your home.

How Easy Is It to Install or Move a Portable AC Unit?

Installation of a small portable air conditioner is fairly simple. Most small portable air conditioners just need you to plug them in and put an exhaust hose out the window. As long as you do not choose to mount the portable AC in the window, you can move it from room to room as needed. This lets you keep your living room cool during the day and then move the portable AC to your bedroom to cool you down while you sleep.

What Size of Portable AC Do You Need?

To pick the right size of portable AC, you just need to look at the portable air conditioner's BTUs. This is a measurement that tells you how much heat the small portable air conditioner can remove from the air in an hour. Generally, you need about 20 BTU for each square foot of floor space in the room you are cooling. However, you might want to slightly increase your BTU if the room is unusually high, strangely shaped, or will contain a lot of people.

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