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Few things are more annoying than being caught with a low battery indicator in the middle of the day. Whether you're at work, working from home, or you're at a party with your friends, no one wants to deal with sitting in one place with a phone charger hanging out of the wall. BJ's Wholesale Club has you covered with portable power banks! With a portable phone charger, you'll never be caught without juice again.

The Benefits of Portable Power Banks

A portable charger gives you the power to recharge your phone on the go. Plug your phone into the portable charger, stick it in your purse or suitcase, and it'll be charged up before you know it. Some portable power banks even boast wireless charging via induction coil so that you don't even have to pack a charging cable with your stuff!

Gone are the days of being anchored to a wired phone charger, hunting around the airport for a place to plug in your phone while you sweat over boarding times. Businesspeople the world over pack a portable charger, knowing the value of having extra power for a phone on the go.

How Do Portable Phone Chargers Work?

A portable power bank is just a fancy case around a pack of heavy-duty batteries, usually rated at 2,000-5,000mAh (Milliamps Hour), which is a measurement that demonstrates the relative strength or capacity of the batteries. Before you leave your home, all you do is plug in the portable phone charger and let the battery charge. When you walk out the door, stuff it into your bag with a charging cable. Now you have a way to charge your phone anywhere!

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BJ's Wholesale Club stocks a variety of different portable chargers to suit your needs. Browse the category and sort by customer ratings, explore the features of each charger, and pick the right one for you. Join our club for access to members-only deals and prices!