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Portable Swamp Cooler

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BJ's Wholesale Club Portable Swamp Cooler

Portable Air Coolers

Shop this selection at BJ's Wholesale Club and discover the right portable swamp cooler for your space. Unlike traditional air conditioners, which run compressed air over a series of cooling coils, an evaporative air cooler works by adding humidity to hot dry air, thus cooling it down. These efficient devices are especially popular in regions where the air is naturally dry, like in deserts and mountains.

When the summer heats up, it's imperative you have a cool room to escape to. An evaporative cooler from this line will keep any room in your house comfortable while the mercury outside rises. Whether you're working on a project in the garage, rocking out with your band in the basement, or tucking yourself into bed, an air cooler from BJ's Wholesale Club is up to the task. Browse this diverse collection of Coolers today and find a well-made, name-brand design at an affordable everyday low price.