Powered Ride-on Cars


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Powered Ride On Cars Are Favorite Gifts

Do you want to be the hit with the kids at any holiday or birthday party? Bring the power wheels! Who doesn't love the cool aunt or grandparent who brings powered ride on cars as gifts?

Feeling "All Grown Up"

What is it with kids and rideable electric toy cars? For as long as they've existed, kids have been obsessed, and with good reason: They're the ultimate for pretending to be just like mom and dad! They've been tiny passengers in adults' cars since before they could remember. With a gift of their very own rideable electric toy car, they're the ones in the driver's seat — literally!

It's not just electric toy cars either. Ride on motorcycles will also make the children in your life jump for joy. Better yet, ride on motorcycles made for kids also come with training wheels, so they add stability for the little ones still getting their balance.

Expanding Imagination With Power Wheels

If you've ever watched children play, much of what they do is act out things they see the adults in their lives doing, such as "playing house". With a set of power wheels, or ride on motorcycles, they can take their play "on the road." Expand the range of their adventures with an electric toy car and forever be remembered as the one who brought the coolest present.

Help Kids Gain a Sense of Mastery and Adventure

Riding an electric toy car is exhilarating, but it's not only for fun! Moving faster than usual helps kids with their spatial mastery, helps them feel in control, and activates their sense of adventure. It's a gift they'll enjoy for a long time to come. Check out BJ's Wholesale Club's selection of affordable and super cute powered ride on cars.

Looking for other ways to keep kids entertained? Check out our blog for more ideas.

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