Pressure Cookers


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Digital Pressure Cookers Make Cooking Easy

Want the taste of a slowly simmered stew but don't have all day to stand over the stove? Pressure cookers are the ultimate kitchen hack. With their special high-pressure cooking method, pressure cookers can cut recipe cooking time by several hours.

How Do Pressure Cookers Work?

Electric pressure cookers work by completely sealing your cooking pot. As liquid heats up, it forms steam that gradually increases pressure. The high-pressure environment inside power pressure cookers allows the boiling point of water to reach even higher than usual levels. The end result is complex flavor and ultra-fast cooking times. You can have perfect rice, pasta in minutes, or cook dried beans in under an hour. Meats, roasts, and stews become extra tender.

Explore All the Great Uses of Pressure Cookers

Power pressure cookers are most often used for stews, beans, and grains. However, electric pressure cookers also have all sorts of other great uses. People use them for things like hard boiled eggs and cakes. Digital pressure cookers can also help with projects like canning homemade jam. Depending on the brand of electric pressure cooker you select, it may also come with other optional features like slow cooking, sterilizing, or making yogurt.

Find the Right Pressure Cooker at BJ's

BJ's makes it easy to find your ideal digital pressure cooker. We stock plenty of popular brands like Ninja Foodi electric pressure cookers. You can also choose from all sorts of sizes of digital pressure cookers. Power pressure cookers in the 6-quart size easily cook enough for a family of four, while petite 2-quart power pressure cookers are great for individual servings.

Once you pick out your pressure cookers, BJ's has plenty of great shopping and delivery options. Get your digital pressure cookers shipped straight to the door or use Curbside Pickup to get it the same day you ordered it. For more helpful services, get a BJ's Membership today.