Rawhide Bones


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Keep Your Dog Entertained and Healthy With Rawhide Bones

If there's one thing that is emblematic of dogs having fun, it's the image of dogs gnawing on rawhides. Rawhide bones kick in their ancient instinct to chew like nothing else. And they're not just fun. Chewing is healthy for dogs' jaws and teeth; plus, it keeps them engaged.

What Type of Rawhides Are Right for Your Dog?

Rawhides for dogs, sometimes known as bully sticks, come in many shapes and sizes. The first thing to consider when choosing one is what kind of chewer your dog is. Some dogs will happily gnaw on bully sticks for days and even weeks on end. Some won't stop until they're done with it in one sitting. If your dog is the latter, you'll want to be sure to not give them a bone that is too large. Dogs do swallow bits of the bully sticks they chew, so you don't want a dog with a belly full of rawhide bones!

The next thing to consider is your dog's size and the health of their teeth. A big dog with a more powerful jaw naturally requires bigger rawhides. A tiny dog, or an older one with some tooth decay, will benefit from softer rawhides for dogs that contain ingredients for supporting tooth health. Be sure to wait until your puppy is at least six months old to get them started on rawhides, and supervise your dog with bully sticks to make sure they're not biting off more than they can chew... literally!

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