Reimagine Hydration


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Reimagine Hydration: Give Your Cells What They Need

Water and hydration may go hand in hand, but they aren't synonymous. Sometimes, plain water just isn't enough. Electrolytes, pH balance, and flavor are steppingstones toward a better beverage. As you reimagine hydration, think of all the things you ever hated about tap water, and then enjoy a drink that offers more with every sip.

More Than Water

Products like Smartwater reimagine hydration. Unlike traditional bottled water, Smartwater is all about what goes in rather than what a filter takes out. Electrolytes improve taste while helping your body actually absorb water. This drink is also vapor-distilled for purity and pH-balanced. Smartwater and other products that reimagine hydration are great for day-to-day consumption, individuals who deal with intensely physical work environments, and people who struggle with hydration.

Better-Tasting Drinks

Disliking the taste of water isn't at all unusual. Whether water comes from a tap, through a filter, or out of a bottle, it still has a distinct taste that discourages children, elders, and busy adults from taking the time to drink a glassful. Alternative beverages like Vitaminwater provide the water and hydration everyone needs without the tastes they dislike. Even bottled drinks like Gold Peak Sweet Tea can help with staying hydrated. Just because you need to stay hydrated doesn't mean you have to suffer.

Performance-Driven Hydration

When athletes sweat, they lose more than water. Drinks like Powerade are designed to help supplement the critical vitamins, minerals, and energy lost during a strenuous workout or a long game. They can help some athletes keep moving when regular water just can't. Water and hydration drinks like Powerade both have a place on the field and in the locker room.

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