Restaurant Take Out Containers


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Preserve Your Leftovers With BJ's Wholesale Club Take-Out Boxes

When you leave a restaurant and have leftovers, the wait staff brings you to-go boxes to take food home with you. The next time that you have a big party or make a little too much for dinner, you can preserve those leftovers in take-out boxes for several days or longer. BJ's Wholesale Club offers a wide range of food wrap and foil sheets for your leftovers, too.

Make Holiday Entertaining Easy With Restaurant Take-Out Containers

Whether you have a few people over for the holidays or a whole household, stock up on food wrap and foil sheets. They make prep work a breeze and help you prepare dishes the night before. You may want to use food wrap and foil sheets to cover the plates that your guests take home also. Take-out boxes are perfect for storing holiday leftovers to make sure that you can make turkey sandwiches and other dishes later.

For Lunch and More

To-go boxes aren't just for restaurants anymore. The next time that you make a hearty dinner from fresh produce and other delicious ingredients, divide your leftovers into portions that you store in to-go boxes. Everyone in your family can grab one and go the next morning and have lunch for the day. Though you can opt for standard take-out boxes, you'll also find some with two or three compartments that let you separate your food. Don't forget to use food wrap and foil sheets to cover the dishes in your refrigerator.

With a BJ's Membership Card, you can stock up on all the food wrap and foil sheets that you need. You can shop online and get Same-Day Delivery to make sure that you have all the restaurant take-out containers that you need before party guests arrive.