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Bring Function to Your Kitchen With Reynolds Wrap

Reynolds Wrap is an essential tool for any kitchen. Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil, slow cooker liners and parchment paper make your culinary projects mess-free. Never run out of these kitchen must-haves with large sizes from BJ's Wholesale Club.

Use Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil for Easy Clean-Up

Have you ever roasted a delicious vegetable medley, only to spend several minutes scrubbing the pan afterward? Next time, line your pan with Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil. Reynolds Aluminum Foil comes in regular and non-stick varieties. It's great for the grill, too!

Enjoy Your Leftovers Later With Reynolds Wrap

Don't let your leftovers go to waste! Secure them in Reynolds Wrap Aluminum Foil and put them in the refrigerator for later. Reynolds Wrap Foil helps to keep food fresh and stops odor from permeating your refrigerator's contents.

If you want to put excess food in the freezer, Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil is perfect for the job. Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil protects food from unappetizing freezer burn that ruins the taste of your delicious dish.

Baking With Reynolds Wrap

When you're going on a baking bonanza, have Reynolds Aluminum Foil and parchment paper nearby. Reynolds parchment paper comes in convenient pop-up sheets, and it prevents your baked goods from turning into a crumbly disaster. After your treats have cooled off, wrap a few in Reynolds Aluminum Foil to give to family and friends!

While you're adding sugar, flour and other baking ingredients to your BJ's Wholesale Club order, put Reynolds Wrap on your list. Have everything delivered to your doorstep with BJ's Same-Day Delivery!

Beyond the Kitchen With Reynolds Aluminum Foil

If you enjoy crafting, lay down a sheet of Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil before you begin. Afterward, throw away your foil sheet, and clean-up is complete! You can also use Reynolds Wrap Heavy Duty Foil to polish silver, sharpen scissors or speed up your ironing chore.

Find Reynolds Wrap Products at BJ's Wholesale Club

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