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Rocking Horses Help Unleash Kids' Imaginations

Few things symbolize childhood as much as rocking animals. Be it a rocker horse, or different kinds of rocking animals, kids have been captivated by the idea of having their own brave steed for as long as these classic toys have been around. With examples of riding horse toys dating back to the 1600s, that's a long time!

Open Up Their World to Adventure

So what is it about rocker horses and riding horse toys that make kids giddy? There's a great feeling of being a grand hero riding off to a great adventure when a child gets on riding horse toys. On a rocker horse, a child can pretend to be a knight, a cowboy or a horse trainer along with any number of other great explorers. Help fuel kids' imaginations by giving them a rocking toy and some open space. Maybe even paint a mural on some poster board of the great places they're visiting in their imaginations!

And it's not just rocker horses, either. Rocking toys come in a variety of designs, from unicorns and police cars to other types of rocking animals like hippos and elephants! So you don't need to limit yourself to rocker horses. Your child can have a whole zoo! Be sure to check out the awesome selection of rocking toys at BJ's Wholesale Club.

Add a Touch of Nostalgia to their Room or Playroom

Let's face it, besides being a lot of fun, rocking toys are just beautiful and iconic representations of childhood. Place a rocker horse in their bedroom to give it a classic look, or add a pair to a playroom so that your child and a friend can "race" them as they go on adventures together.

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