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Heart-Pumping Fun With Skateboards and Scooters

One of the greatest joys as a parent is watching your kiddos frolic outside. Scooters and skateboards give your kids a great way to play in the fresh air. Kids' scooters could help them develop balance and coordination while feeling the wind on their faces. A BJ's Membership makes it easy to say yes to new toys that encourage outdoor fun.

Get Them Outside

Your kids might want to play video games or watch videos all day, but you know they need physical activity. Regular exercise helps bones to grow strong and fosters endurance in the respiratory system. Imagine how their cheeks will be flushed after an afternoon playing on scooters. When you have skateboards and scooters around, it's easy to send the kids outside. They'll get to discover new ways to move and maybe even learn a few tricks that they can show off to you or their friends.

Make Transportation Easy

Whether you're going to the park, on vacation, or visiting the grandparents, kids' scooters are easy to pack in a vehicle. A folding scooter is an especially good space saver. A folding scooter won't take up much space in the garage or toy room either. When everyone needs to stretch their legs at a highway rest stop, you can pull out the scooters and skateboards and burn off some pent-up energy.

Build Confidence

Kids' scooters attract attention from the neighbor kids. They'll want to check out your child's new folding scooter. Lots of kids have scooters or skateboards also, and your child can join group play when he or she has something to ride.

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