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Solar Pool Blankets

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We are running low on Solar pool blankets. Get them while they last!
BJ's Wholesale Club Solar Pool Blankets

Solar Powered Pool Blankets

Why spend tons of money heating your pool when you can just use the power of the sun? Shop BJ's Wholesale Club for well-made solar pool blankets to help you do just that. These innovative pads utilize insulating thermal bubbles to trap solar heat in your pool so the water stays at an ideal temperature even on cloudy or cooler days. These mats can help keep your pool water up to 15 degrees warmer. Check out solar pool covers from top brands like Blue Wave, Swim Ways and more at incredibly low Club prices. Solar pool mats also help prevent evaporation so you don't waste money and time re-filling your pool. Twist and fold construction allows you to quickly and easily put the mats out, while UV protection coatings help each mat last longer. Pick up a pool blanket in a pill for even easier storage. Choose solar pool mats from BJ's Wholesale Club.