Stuffed Animals


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Plush Toys Make Playtime Fun

Plush toys are wonderfully comforting for children. Almost every child feels more secure holding a stuffed toy friend. If your children could use some hugs, give them plush animals that will be their new best buddies.

Precious Plush Animals Will Make Any Child Smile

You can find stuffed toys any child will treasure. An adorable stuffed cat or stuffed dog is just waiting to become someone's favorite new pet. Get the fun started with Little Live OMG Pets, a line of incredibly soft, realistic-looking puppies. Each squishy little stuffed dog has a range of sounds. Pat them on the head to hear them make adorable puppy noises. These sweet plush toys include their own birth certificates so your kids can name them.

Give them squeezable fun with HugFun stuffed animals. These super-soft toys feature cuddly construction and sweet faces. Try the adorable stuffed lamb or a set of HugFun Plush Animals In Eggs. Each two-pack comes with a bunny and a piglet. These small stuffed animals are perfect for young children.

Everyone's Favorite Stuffed Animals

Give your kids their beloved Baby Shark without fighting the crowds or overpaying for these popular plush toys. Check out our 18-inch Baby Shark. This huge, cuddly baby plays the Baby Shark song when you press his fin. Best of all, he comes with a clip-on Daddy Shark your kid can attach to a bag or their jacket for fun on the go. This adorable stuffed animal set is a must-have for any child who's driving you crazy singing the Baby Shark song.

Realistic Stuffed Dog and Cat

Some children enjoy realistic-looking stuffed animals. The FurReal Walkalots Big Wags Pets come with a leash and connectors. As you pull them on the leash, they bob their heads, make cute noises and walk. You can get a stuffed dog or a stuffed cat, and each set comes complete with a leash and batteries.

Plush Toys Mean Big Smiles

You can make any day more fun with stuffed animals. Get your child a plush toy that grants wishes. The Wish Me Pets unicorn features pink hair and a horn that lights up when you kiss it. Kids can make wishes as they hug these cute plush animals.

Plush toys make wonderful friends for your kids. Get them at great prices when you join BJ's Wholesale Club.