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Add Syrup and Honey to Many Foods

When you love to add sweeteners, you should look at the wide variety that BJ's Wholesale Club carries. We have syrup and honey that will work into meals and drinks, and you'll love how you can control how much honey and maple syrup you add to your food by doing it yourself rather than buying something that's already loaded with sugar.


As one of the meals of the day that most often has sweets in its typical lineup, you'll love adding maple syrup to pancakes and waffles, agave nectar to your morning tea, and honey to your toast. There are numerous ways that you can add syrup and honey to your morning meal, and you'll be happy that you found one of the best sources of your syrup and honey sweeteners by shopping at BJ's Wholesale Club.


Besides adding sweeteners to your morning tea, you can also enjoy some delicious agave nectar with unsweetened iced tea, cocktails, and, and mocktails. One of the great things about agave nectar is that it's actually low in glucose, so it won't spike blood sugar as much as traditional sugar will.


While most desserts are sweet, you might not want to add traditional sugar to a meal that already put you over your sugar limit for the day. Instead, you might decide to use agave nectar as a way to sweeten familiar desserts. You might also find some recipes that specifically call for honey or maple syrup. Desserts can be a great place to add all of your favorite alternatives to sugar, and you can find a lot of selection when you choose to shop at BJ's Wholesale Club.

Whether you're looking for agave nectar, maple syrup, or honey, you can find all of your favorite sweeteners at BJ's Wholesale Club, and you'll find many ways to save when you purchase our Membership Card. You'll also love that you can find ways to save time when you shop online.