Trail Mix


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Dip Into a Delicious Bag of Trail Mix Wherever You Are

Trail mix is a delicious snack that you can carry wherever you are. Whether you need a snack for your kids while you're in the car, want a sweet and salty snack for at home, or actually want to take trail mix on your trail hike, you'll find plenty of tasty varieties when you shop at BJ's Wholesale Club.

Car Snack

If you've ever listened to your kids say they're hungry or felt like you needed a snack yourself, then you should keep a bag of trail mix in the car. Healthy trail mix is great to have on hand on long car rides and when you pick the kids up from school. There are numerous varieties of snack mixes and party mixes, so you can enjoy salty, sweet, and tangy/spicy flavors every time you grab a handful.


Whether you're at home alone and want a quick and easy way to tide yourself over until dinner or you're having a small get-together, snack mix can hit the spot. Party mix and snack mix are delicious treats that you can eat by the handful or put out in a bowl so that people grab a little at a time. Snack mix is also a great snack for football parties along with other game-day treats.

On the Trail

If you want a snack that you can put in a baggie and stuff in your backpack, healthy trail mix is a great option. Healthy trail mix is usually better than a party mix for going on the trail because with healthy trail mix, you get nuts and other ingredients that take time for your body to digest along with sweeter foods that are easy to digest, so the energy that you gain lasts throughout several hours.

If you want to stock up on party mix or trail mix, come to BJ's Wholesale Club. When you buy a Membership Card, you'll be able to save money while buying your favorite treats in bulk.