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Victrola Clock Radios

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BJ's Wholesale Club Victrola Clock Radios

Retro Clock Radios from Victrola

Browse this stylish assortment of Victrola clock radios from BJ's Wholesale Club and add a splash of vintage character to any room. Premium Victrola bluetooth radios are available in a range of retro designs. Don't let looks fool you though, these well-made products include the latest in audio technology. Connect with any bluetooth device and enjoy your favorite albums and podcasts. Choose a Victrola bedside stereo and CD player and listen to desert island disks as you drift off to sleep.

For crisp audio, modern connectivity, and an attractive look, shop Victrola radios from BJ's Wholesale Club. A bluetooth stereo clock radio and CD player from this line makes a great gift, especially for kids going off to college, or someone moving into a new apartment. Upgrading a motel, hotel, or B & B? Place one of these fantastic products in every room. Your guests will absolutely love their looks and functionality.