Wellsley Farms Pastries, Muffins & Donuts


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Enjoy a Great Selection of Wellsley Farm Pastries at BJ’s

Perfect for every day or as a special weekend breakfast treat, Wellsley Farms muffins, Wellsley Farms pastries, and Wellsley Farms coffee cake is always a nice compliment to a good cup of coffee. Our assortment of Wellsley Farms coffee cakes, Wellsley Farms muffins, and Wellsley Farms turnovers are fresh, great-tasting, and easy to serve. If you love having those classic breakfast foods on your table in the morning, our wide assortment of Wellsley Farms pastries is sure to hit the spot.

The Perfect Breakfast Treat

Nothing goes better with coffee than Wellsley Farms coffee cake. Wellsley Farms coffee cake is layered with generous amounts of walnuts and cinnamon sugar along with an attractive topping of cinnamon sugar. Wellsley Farms coffee cake uses a decadent formula that includes sour cream to create a flavorful and moist cake.

You'll also enjoy classic Wellsley Farms turnovers and pastries from the Wellsley Farms line of baked goods. The pre sugared, jumbo-sized Wellsley Farms turnovers use fresh apples and have just a hint of cinnamon to create a tasty treat. Their guava pastries use high-quality ingredients and an artisan style, which provides great taste and texture by following a European bakery tradition. Wellsley Farms turnovers have the look of a traditional Latin pastry along with the authenticity of natural tropical flavors. Plus, they make the fillings in-house using real guava pulp along with a blend of two types of cream cheese to provide unrivaled flavor. We highly recommend our Top 5 Summer Cocktail Recipes to pair these wonderful pastries with tasty drinks when you host your next summertime brunch.

Don't Forget the Wellsley Farms Muffins

Wellsley Farms muffins offers a wide assortment of flavors. Enjoy these tender and moist muffins for a fast breakfast or even as a mid-day snack. Perfect to eat in the morning or at night, Wellsley Farms muffins are great warmed up in the microwave, toasted in the toaster oven, or even just “as is.” Choose from pumpkin muffins to get that fun feeling of fall or other flavors like raisin bran, blueberry, lemon, chocolate chip, corn, or scrumptious coffee cake cinnamon.

Something for Everyone

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