Winter Outdoor Tools & Equipment

BJ's Wholesale Club Winter Outdoor Tools & Equipment

Keep your driveway and walkways free of snow and ice with winter outdoor tools & equipment from BJ's Wholesale Club. When the season changes and the temperature starts to drop, it's only a matter of time until you get hit with freezing rain, sleet or snowfall. Ice and snow buildup can cause your boots and pants to get soaking wet, your car to get stuck, and may even lead to a dangerous slip and fall. Winter equipment and winter tools from this collection will help you clear a safe path around your property.

From powerful snow blowers and throwers that will help you clear a long driveway in no time, to classic shovels that are brilliantly engineered to handle many hours of hard work, or even specially formulated salt crystals for de-icing, you'll find the winter outdoor equipment you need to care for your car and property in this affordable selection at BJ's Wholesale Club.

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