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BJ's Wholesale Club Wireless Mouse

Clicking is easier than ever with a wireless mouse from BJ's Wholesale Club.

The Best Computer Accessories

BJ's Wholesale Club has the wireless computer mouse you need for your PC. This device is easy to use and connects to your computer without missing a beat. In many cases, the mouse is wifi-enabled which allows it to find your computer in seconds. After this is done once, it will automatically connect every time you turn your computer on. Most of the wifi mouse options can be turned off and on for transit, which makes it easy to care for the mouse when it's not in use. It should be turned off when you're packing the device into your backpack or laptop bag.

The scroll function featured on these devices allows you to browse a page without clicking around. This makes it easy to work and play on the web without missing a beat. The latest computer mice are ideal for those working with a laptop or desktop computer who want to click around fast. Even for those with a touchpad, a conventional mouse is easier to maneuver when you are working quickly.

These appliances are not rechargeable. The wireless mouse runs on a single AA battery (not included). Choose a lithium battery for long-lasting power you won't have to worry about for up to a year depending on how often you use the mouse.

The Logitech Wifi Mouse

Upgrade your computer with a Logitech wifi mouse. It's easy to care for, comfortable, and durable, which is what you want out of a mouse. It's simple to use for hours at a time and the design allows the fingers and hand to rest comfortably when not in use. Logitech has long been one of the most-trusted names for computer-related accessories, so it's no wonder their wifi mouse is now a favorite for people of all ages. A wireless mouse makes it easier to have a reliable tool to access different functions of the computer for those who are not comfortable with a touchpad, or prefer to maneuver their PC a bit faster. Find a wide selection of affordable computer accessories at BJ's Wholesale Club.