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Creative Uses for Ziploc Bags

Is there anything handier in the kitchen and in life than Ziploc bags? They can wrap up your favorite sandwich, of course, but they can do so much more. These bags will get you out of a pinch every time.

First are the uses we've all become familiar with when using Ziploc bags. They make your child's lunchbox neat and organized. Just grab one of these bags for each item you want to add — a sandwich, a handful of grapes — and off you go. Ziploc bags help you save money when packing lunches because instead of having to buy higher-priced individually wrapped items, like chips, you can create your own small portions.

But What About Other Uses for Bags That Zip?

Lunch and sandwich bags are truly just the beginning when it comes to the many uses of zipping bags. Bring a handful along with you on your airplane ride to keep the items you handle often (like your phone or wallet) from picking up germs. Double-bag on a kayaking trip to keep these items dry.

Gallon Ziploc bags open up uses for larger items, like when you want to marinade steaks for dinner. No need to get a bowl dirty! Toss all your marinade ingredients right in one or two gallon Ziploc bags and seal them up tight! Need to crumble something, like crackers for breadcrumbs or graham crackers for a dessert? Simply put them in gallon Ziploc bags and (gently!) crush them with a rolling pin.

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