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  • SPOTLIGHT: Somewhere Safe with Somebody Good Book Review & Summary

    After a long absence, Jan Karon returns to Mitford. Fans will rejoice in this delightful addition to the series that once again has Father Tim solving problems for our favorite hometown characters.

  • About the Author

    Learn more about the bestselling author.

  • An Interview with the Author

    Jan Karon discusses what returning to Mitford after such a long absence made her feel and reveals what she hopes fans will feel when they read the novel.

  • Questions for Discussion

    Use these questions to help your group get to the heart of Karon’s new novel

  • SPOTLIGHT: The Fortune Hunter Book Summary

    The New York Times bestselling author of The American Heiress rewards fans with another historical tour de force, this time giving us a behind-the-scenes look at the life of Elizabeth, nineteenth century Empress of Austria.

  • About the Author

    Americans know Daisy Goodwin because of her international bestseller, The American Heiress. But that’s not what she’s known for in her native England. Learn more about this multitalented author.

  • An Interview with the Author

    Daisy Goodwin reveals the inspiration for her new historical novel, dishes about which character she likes best and confesses that sometimes even bestselling authors struggle to finish a manuscript.

  • Questions for Discussion

    Use these questions to help you dig a little deeper so your group can start getting to the heart of Goodwin’s historical blockbuster.

  • What's New in Books

    Great reads available at your Club this fall.