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  • SPOTLIGHT: Tempting Fate Book Review & Discussion

    Jane Green’s latest novel explores the complexities of a long marriage and reveals how the cruel trickery of infidelity can make a cheating partner feel alive even as it kills her relationship. Longtime fans will relish her trademark wisdom, wit and warmth even as they argue over the ending for weeks to come.

  • About the Author

    Jane Green is the New York Times bestselling author of 15 novels best known for stories about real women dealing with what real life throws at them.

  • An Interview with the Author

    The author reveals her inspiration for Tempting Fate and explains why infidelity is not always the worst thing that can happen to a marriage.

  • Questions for Discussion

    Use these questions to structure your discussion about this emotionally charged novel.

  • SPOTLIGHT: A Sudden Light Book Review & Summary

    Garth Stein’s richly atmospheric new novel will send a tingle down your spine even as it tugs at your heart. It’s the perfect read for an October day.

  • About the Author

    Learn more about the bestselling author of The Art of Racing in the Rain.

  • An Interview with the Author

    We sat down with the popular author to talk about his new modern-day ghost story. Here’s what he had to say.

  • Questions for Discussion

    Use these questions to unlock the secrets hidden within the pages of A Sudden Light.

  • What's New in Books

    Great reads available at your Club this Winter.