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The materials you’ll find here — useful summaries, thought-provoking discussion questions and exclusive author interviews — help you get the story behind the stories, and allow you to delve deeper into the featured books, whether you’re reading them on your own or discussing them with friends.

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  • SPOTLIGHT: The Nightingale Book Review & Discussion

    In her latest novel, Kristin Hannah, the bestselling author of Home Front, explores the effects of war on two ordinary young women. How would you react if your world was torn apart overnight?

  • About the Author

    Learn how Kristin Hannah became the award-winning author of 20 bestselling novels including Winter Garden, True Colors and the 2009 blockbuster, Firefly Lane, a touchstone for women worldwide.

  • An Interview with the Author

    In this intense interview, the author shares the inspiration for her newest work and challenges her readers to answer the question at the heart of the novel.

  • Questions for Discussion

    Use these questions to focus your discussion of this intense historical drama.

  • SPOTLIGHT: First Love Book Review & Discussion

    Co-written with best-selling young adult author Emily Raymond and rooted in James Patterson’s own past, First Love explores how the pain and pleasure of first romance can affect the rest of our lives.

  • About the Author

    Best known for his intense thrillers, Patterson is equally devoted to his work promoting reading and a love of books. See what else you don’t know about this famous author.

  • An Interview with the Author

    In our conversation with the bestselling author, he reveals the personal story at the heart of his latest novel for young adults.

  • Questions for Discussion

    Use these questions to help your group get more out of your literary journey.

  • What's New in Books

    Great reads available at your Club this Winter.