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  • SPOTLIGHT: Girl on the Train Book Review & Summary

    Paula Hawkin’s debut novel is a taut psychological thriller about a woman who becomes personally and emotionally entangled in a murder investigation when she witnesses something unusual on her daily commute.

  • About The Author

    Learn more about Paula Hawkins, the former financial writer whose first fiction effort debuted at #1 on the New York Times bestseller list.

  • An Interview with the Author

    In this informative conversation, the first-time author talks about her influences, shares a list of her favorite books and gives some advice to aspiring authors.

  • Questions for Discussion

    Use these questions to help your book group navigate the twists and turns of Hawkins’ psychological thriller.

  • SPOTLIGHT: The Matchmaker Book Review & Summary

    Bestselling author Elin Hilderbrand takes us back to Nantucket with a tale that will upend all your ideas about “perfect matches” and “happily ever after” and have you asking what you would do if you got a second chance at first love.

  • About the Author

    Learn how the bestselling author of The Matchmaker overcame personal tragedy to fulfill her dreams.

  • An Interview with the Author

    The author shares her secrets for writing success, and explains why she finds it best to avoid basing characters on real people and has decided to only write about actual places from now on.

  • Questions for Discussion

    Use these questions to help your group get to the heart of Hildebrand’s latest Nantucket tale.