Does BJ's offer curbside pickup?

BJ's now offers curbside pickup in all our Clubs.

To try curbside pickup, place a “Free Pick Up Today” order through or on BJ's mobile app. Either way, make sure you’ve installed our mobile app on your smartphone – and can sign in – before you leave for BJ’s.

When you arrive at the Club:

  1. Park in one of the spaces reserved for curbside pickup.
  2. Sign into the app and tap the prompts for In-Club mode, Pickup Check-In, then Deliver to my Vehicle.
  3. The app will ask you to enter your car's color and make.

Soon a BJ's team member will come out and deliver the order right to your vehicle. It's that easy!

NOTE: If you forget your phone or its battery gives out, don’t worry, you can always walk into the Club and grab your order in the “Pickup in Club” area.