Can I place a deli order online?

Yes, you can place your large deli-platter orders online at, just CLICK HERE! Please note that it will take about 36-hours to prepare your deli-platter order in Club.

Be sure to fill out the form with:

Ordering a Party Platter:

  1. Select the ring(s), platter(s) or sub(s) you would like to order and then select the quantity for each.
  2. Pick the time you'd like to pick up your order in-Club.
  3. Submit the order.

Use the Mobile App To Cut the Deli Line

Want to just order deli meats and cheese? Feel free to order ahead of time in the BJ's mobile app under "in-club mode" and click "deli". Our team members will have it in 30 minutes or less ready for pick up.