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Pro Clinical Hydroxycut, 2 pk./60 ct.

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Genuine Muscle Milk Chocolate, 12 pk./11 fl. oz.

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Detour Peanut Lover's Protein Bars, 18 ct.

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Bulking up? Slimming down? Whether you're just beginning your workout journey or you're already an advanced athlete, you'll love the wide selection of affordable nutritional supplements available at BJ's Wholesale Club. We offer quality protein shakes and powders, nutrition bars and gummies to boost your workouts and help you lose weight, all at a fraction of the cost. When you're ready to kick your fitness goals into high gear, shop BJ's Wholesale Club to find the specific supplements that will help your body feel the burn, not your wallet.


Before you start cutting weight, it's important to know your starting point. Pick up an affordable scale from our selection to document your baseline. Choose a simple scale that rounds your weight to a single decimal, or pick a more advanced option that can detect your weight, body-fat percentage, bone and muscle mass, and more.

For the latest in scale technologies, shop our scales with Bluetooth capabilities. These high-quality scales let you sync your data to the cloud and your mobile device. Track your weight and progress wherever you go, and easily set your daily, weekly or monthly goals. Use your smart scale throughout your fitness journey to see how our supplements, protein shakes and energy bars are supporting your workouts to help you build the body you've been dreaming of.

Weight Loss Supplements

Are you ready to get fit? Lose weight and reduce your Body Mass Index (BMI) fast with our clinically tested weight loss supplements. With key weight-loss ingredients included in each dose, these pills can help you lose more weight than with dieting or exercise alone. Explore our selection of weight loss gummies with delicious fruit flavors, too!

Protein Powders & Shakes

Protein is essential for bulking up and boosting energy to maximize your workout performance. Shop easy and affordable protein drinks from trusted brands, or make your own shakes with our selection of protein powders. Our protein powders come in several sizes and flavors, so you can try them all or stock up on your favorite recipes. Shop popular brands such as Muscle Milk, Syntha-6 and more to fuel all your cardio workouts.

Energy Bars

Maximize your energy before every workout with healthy protein bars from your favorite brands, including Kind, Atkins, Cliff Bars and more. Wholesome ingredients and tasty flavor profiles make these the perfect pre-workout snack. Fuel your mind and body with these healthy energy bars, and save money by buying from BJ's in bulk.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is easy when you buy affordable nutritional supplements from BJ's Wholesale Club. After you've stocked up on protein powder and healthy snacks, shop our essential vitamin supplements to support your every workout and keep your body in balance. Our probiotics and vitamins designed specifically for men or women will keep you looking and feeling your best.

To further advance your health and fitness goals, diversify your home workouts by adding new home exercise equipment to your routine. Use the affordable selection at BJ's Wholesale to bring the gym right into your own home, all at a price you can afford. Shop BJ's Wholesale Club today for all your nutrition, weight loss and fitness needs.