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Sports and Fitness Are in Your Future With Exercise Equipment from BJ’s 

Trampolines are not just for kids and gymnasts. Spend some time bouncing, twisting, and doing tricks on a trampoline of any size and you could notice a change in your mental and physical health. Exercise equipment at BJ’s Wholesale Club includes trampolines in several sizes. You can include a mini trampoline and dumbbell set in the personal sports and fitness area of your home. 

A Home Sports and Fitness Center 

You have the opportunity to build a home gym that you can use every day. Your membership at BJ’s offers exercise equipment, including dumbbell sets and treadmills, at affordable prices. Instructions come with equipment that needs assembling, and help is just a phone call away if you have questions. 

Types of Exercise Equipment 

Choosing to get healthy is one of the best decisions you will make. BJ’s Wholesale Club can help by offering many deals on the sports and fitness equipment you want to purchase. Depending on your stamina, budget, and health goals, you have a variety of equipment from which to choose. Exercise bikes come in many styles, some of them recumbent. 

Accessories to help keep track of your progress are helpful to many people, and your BJ’s Membership will often allow you to pay less than the regular price. Wearable technology that includes Smartwatches from brands like Apple, Fitbit and more will help you to better monitor your health and progress. 

Getting Your Exercise Equipment to You 

Your membership at BJ’s Wholesale Club includes options for getting your sports and fitness merchandise to your home. You can choose our free In-Club Pickup or Curbside Pickup

Begin saving today when you purchase a dumbbell set or other sports and fitness equipment at BJ’s. Sign up for a BJ's Membership today.