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What is Shop - Pick Up in-Club?
Shop - Pick Up in-Club is a free service available in all Clubs. This service allows you to order items from and pick them up at your local Club in just 2 hours. NOTE: Items placed within two hours of Club closing time or while the Club is closed will be available for pickup when the Club reopens.
Who can use Shop - Pick Up in-Club?
You must be a BJ’s Member and have an in-Club Membership to place an order. BJ’s Online Membership™ does not qualify for in-Club programs such as Shop - Pick Up in Club, but a BJ’s Online Membership can upgrade to an in-Club Membership .
Is there any extra cost for using Shop - Pick Up in-Club?
No. Shop - Pick Up in-Club is a free service provided solely for the benefit of our Members.
What should I do if the items I want are not in stock at my Club?
If an item is not in stock at your Club, check to see if it is available at a nearby Club. To do this, click on “Find a Club,” then search for your Club by ZIP code. Then, select another Club near you and click "Shop This Club." You can then see if it is in stock at that Club. To change your home Club selection back to the original, go to your Club's landing page and click "Shop This Club."
How will I know my order is ready to be picked up?
Wait until we send you a confirmation email or text message before you go to the Club to pick up your item. A ready for pickup email/text will be sent once your order is ready.
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Who can pick up reserved items?
Items can only be picked up by individuals with the Membership Number used to create the reservation. If the reservation was created by a Primary Member, the Household Member on the account can also pick up the reserved items.
How long do I have to pick up my order?
Shop - Pick Up in-Club orders that have not been picked up within 72 hours of the time they were placed will be, cancelled, and the items returned to stock. If you still wish to pick up the items, you will need to resubmit your order.
What do I need to take with me to pick up my order?
You will need a current, valid photo ID, your BJ’s Membership Card and your order number to pick up your items.
What should I do when I get to the Club?
When picking up your order, please check in with one of our friendly door greeters at the front of the Club, and they’ll guide you to the pickup location.
Can Instant Savings and Coupons be applied to Shop - Pick Up in-Club items?
Yes. Instant Savings/Clipless Coupons will be automatically applied to your order. We regret that we cannot accept paper coupons on online orders. We also cannot accept printed or digital manufacturers' coupons other than those offered through BJ's Add-to-Card Coupon program. To ensure that all BJ's coupons are applied to your order, please visit the coupon page ( to simply choose your desired coupons online, load them to your BJ’s Membership Card and automatically save on your next shopping trip.
Who should I contact for questions?
Please contact a BJ's Member Care Representative at 866-425-7932, Monday - Friday: 9AM – 7PM, Saturday: 9AM – 6PM and Sunday: Noon – 6PM.
Can I change my pickup location after I placed an order using Shop - Pick Up in-Club?
At this time, we do not support the ability to change your Club once your order has been placed.
When will I be charged for my Shop - Pick Up in-Club order?
Your credit card will be charged after you have picked up your order in the Club.
How do I return my Shop - Pick Up in-Club order?
If you need to return any items, all returns must occur in-Club.
Can I reserve an item if my Club isn't open?
Yes. You can place an online order for an item any time. Items reserved within 2 hours of the Club closing or after hours will be available for pickup the next day when the Club opens.
*Orders placed 2 hours prior to Club closing or later will be available our next business day.