Anjou Pears, 3 lbs.

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    Product Overview
    Anjou pears are one of the more popular varieties of pears. They have a bright green, smooth skin with a slight red flush. The flesh is white to cream-colored, dense, buttery and has a slightly gritty texture. Anjou pears are juicy when ripe. The taste has subtle sweetness with hints of lemon-lime. Anjou pears are eaten fresh out of hand by themselves, or coupled with cheeses and nuts. These pears can be sliced fresh and added to salads, sandwiches, and wraps. Their flesh holds up well when heated, so these pears are great for baking, poaching, roasting and grilling. They will keep for many weeks when stored cold in the refrigerator. Anjou pears contain many minerals, including potassium, magnesium, and phosphorus. Potassium helps regulate good blood, magnesium aids in muscle and nerve function, and phosphorus maintains good bone health. Pears contain folate and niacin which also aid in good cellular and energy production.

    Product Features:

  • Fresh, bright green pears
  • Great fruit for baking
  • Slice and add to salads or sandwiches
  • Kid-friendly
  • Healthy snacking
  • Full of fiber
  • Includes Anjou pears, 3 lbs.

  • Ingredients: Anjou Pears.