Arm & Hammer Multicat Unscented Clumping Litter, 40 lbs.

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    Product Overview
    Arm & Hammer Multi-Cat Unscented Clumping Litter combines instant odor destroyers and baking soda to eliminate tough odors. This formula is ideal for multiple cat households and is unscented for fragrance-sensitive cats and owners. Litter boxes with heavy "cat traffic" have the dual challenge of intense new odors and lingering ammonia odors. The scientifically proven formula solves both of these problems. Rock-solid clumps let you remove the source of odors easily every time your cat uses the kitty litter box. Fast action immediately attacks new odors and extended action destroys lingering odors. Your litter box will be sure to work fast and stay fresh.

    Instructions for use: 1. Fill litter box with at least 3" of Arm & Hammer litter. 2. Scoop out clumps and solid waste daily and dispose of them in the trash. Refill box as needed. 3. Do not flush or put into drains. Put used litter into the trash

    Product Features:

  • Clumping unscented cat litter
  • Heavy duty cat litter combines powerful instant odor destroyers and baking soda crystals to eliminate tough odors
  • Rock-solid clumps let you remove the source of odors easily
  • Formula is 99% dust-free, low tracking and extra strength for multiple cat households
  • Designed for fragrance sensitive cats and owners, also available in scented
  • Made with odor absorbing clay to neutralize litter box odors
  • Includes 40 lbs. Arm & Hammer multicat unscented clumping litter


    Moisture-activated Micro-granules, Baking Soda

    Product Warnings and Restrictions:

    Please Wash Hands Thoroughly After Handling Used Cat Litter. We Want to Remind Pregnant Women and Those With Suppressed Immune Systems That a Parasite Sometimes Found in Cat Feces Can Cause Toxoplasmosis

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