Berkley Jensen Pet Training Pads, 100 ct.

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    Product Overview

    Berkley Jensen Pet Training Pads are designed with Five-Layer Leak-Proof Technology, absorbing 20 times their weight and drying quickly. Each pad guarantees 12-hour protection to offer all-day or all-night coverage. Plus, these dog pee pads include built-in attractant to draw dogs to the pad—helping prevent accidents from occurring elsewhere in your home. Whether you need puppy training pads, a limited potty area, or a designated place for your mature best friend to "go," each pad is perfect for dogs of all sizes. These dog pads provide your furry friend a comfortable potty spot.

    Product Features:

    • Dog potty pads absorb 20 times their weight and rapidly dry
    • Provides all-day or all-night coverage
    • Built-in attractant draws dogs to the pad for simple dog potty training
    • Each dog pee pad measures 22" x 22"