Bostitch QuietSharp Heavy Duty Classroom Electric Pencil Sharpener - Blue

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    Product Overview
    Built with today’s classroom and school year in mind, this antimicrobial electric pencil sharpener will help students sharpen their pencils quickly, quietly and safely. And it’ll help teachers continue teaching without the disruption because this sharpener prides itself on being quiet. The XHC cutter technology allows for 70% faster sharpening and 10x longer life. It's made with extra hardened steel and the helical blade is designed to give a sharp, pointed tip in under four seconds, every time. With the combination of a super heavy-duty motor and thermal overload protection, this electronic sharpener is completely protected from overheating.

    Product Features:

  • Fast, quiet sharpening will limit disruptions to keep kids learning
  • Powerful blade and motor can take a pencil from new to pointy in as little as four seconds
  • Hardened helical sharpening blade lasts up to 10x longer than typical sharpeners
  • Overload protection and stall-free motor means this sharpener can handle high-volume sharpening tasks without any risk of overheating
  • Safety switch automatically shuts off the motor when the shaving bin is removed
  • Blades retract when a pencil is completely sharp to prevent waste
  • Easy-turn dial allows you to choose the right size for your pencil and allows the sharpener to handle most pencil designs
  • Backed by a seven-year warranty from Bostitch
  • Includes classroom pencil sharpener