Crest Scope Outlast Mint Mouthwash, 3 pk./1L

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    Product Overview
    Did you know millions of bad breath bacteria can stay in your mouth even after brushing? Discover bold freshness and a clean feeling with Crest Scope Outlast Mouthwash. Crest Scope Outlast Mouthwash formula uses groundbreaking Outlast technology that binds tightly to select receptors in the mouth, creating a cool, refreshing sensation that lasts longer. This Crest Scope Outlast Mouthwash is designed to kill millions of bad breath bacteria that can stay in the mouth, leaving your breath feeling so fresh and so clean. Say goodbye to bad breath and welcome a bold, fresh sensation that lasts. With Crest Scope Mouthwash, you can enjoy a clean feeling and irresistibly fresh breath for up to 5X longer*. Wash away bad breath bacteria and feel the cool blast of Scope Outlast for a refreshed, clean feeling. Test the power of Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC). This Crest Scope Outlast Mouthwash CPC formula kills bad breath germs that can linger in your mouth. Experience Scope's minty tingle with its refreshing mint flavor. All Crest mouthwashes give you a clean smile with specialized solutions tailored to all your oral care needs. If multiple people use the same bottle, pour the mouthwash into a cup rather than sharing the cap.

    Product Features:

  • You will receive three 1L bottles of Crest Scope Outlast Mouthwash in Fresh Mint Flavor
  • Up to 5X longer fresh feeling breath
  • Kills millions of bad breath bacteria
  • Cool blast of Scope for a refreshed feeling
  • Scope's minty tingle gets your breath clean and fresh
  • Contains Cetylpyridinium Chloride (CPC)
  • Fresh Mint Flavor
  • Includes three 1L bottles of mouthwash

  • *vs. brushing alone