Cry Babies Dressy Tina 12" Baby Doll and Magic Tears Icy World Dino Pack

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    Product Overview
    Meet the new Cry Babies Dressy Tina and Cry Babies Magic Tears Icy World Dino. Tina has pink hair, and sparkly blue crystal eyes and wears a cute dino-themed outfit. She wears a very trendy outfit - a blue sweater with a triceratops-themed hoodie and metallic details, silver pants, and matching blue shoes. Like all the Cry Babies, she cries real water tears and makes 10+ realistic baby sounds when you remove her pacifier. Cry Babies are more lightweight than ever making it easier to cradle and calm her down. Cry Babies Magic Tears Dinos come in an icy igloo capsule. Unbox your mystery character and 10 accessories, including a baby bottle, a pacifier, a bonfire, a pair of shoes, a pair of skates, a piece of clothing, two unique accessories, and a sticker sheet. Feed your magic tears doll from their baby bottle and use their tears over the egg. Watch the egg open and reveal your matching dinosaur pet. There are 8+ characters to collect, each one is a different dinosaur and they all come with their own matching pet.

    Product Features:

  • Discover 10+ surprises with Cry Babies Magic Tears Dinos
  • Tina makes 10+ baby sounds and cries real tears
  • Hatch your mystery Cry Babies Magic Tears matching dino pet by using magic tears from you doll
  • Cry Babies Tina comes dressed in a cute trendy dino themed outfit
  • Age ranges: 18+ months
  • Includes dressy doll, dressy outfit, pair of shoes, matching pacifier, magic tears doll, pet, baby bottle, pacifier, bonfire, pair of shoes, pair of skates, two unique accessories, sticker sheet

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