Easy Playhouse Fairy Tale Castle Cardboard Playhouse

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    Step into an enchanted castle. The design includes knights, princesses, dragons, animals, and customizable signs/crests for your child's imagination to flourish. What kid doesn't dream of being a king or a queen, a prince or a princess, or even a gallant knight? This is the most versatile, a castle in the market as well as good old-time fun. It is the only reversible castle that serves as an art and craft activity and provides a safe play environment for your children. Easy Playhouse reversible design offers twice the creativity and twice the fun. Watch the kids use their little hands and big imaginations to create a place of their very own. The Castle has only two pieces that can be assembled in five minutes or less. Made in the USA. Charming printed designs allow children to personalize this Castle. Designs on the white side, plain on the natural cardboard side. Made of recycled materials in the USA. Two doors, four large windows, four turrets, and eight small windows. Easy to assemble. Sturdy and durable. Dimensions: 32"L x 32"W x 43.5"H.

    Product Features:

  • Charming printed designs allows children to personalize this castle
  • Designs on white side, plain on natural cardboard side
  • Made of recycled materials in USA
  • Two doors, four large windows, four turrets and eight small windows
  • Age ranges: 2-5 years
  • Includes one playhouse

  • (Model G847944002321)