No BS Whole-Body Natural Deodorant, 2 ct./1.7 oz.

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    Product Overview
    It's skincare for your pits. No BS powerful natural deodorant goes beyond the armpits to keep all your nooks and crannies fresh all day long. The revolutionary formula not only balances your skin’s microbiome to stop odor from happening in the first place, but also functions as skincare treatment for your pits (or anywhere else with B.O.). Infused with a natural citrus smell, it nourishes, brightens, smooths, and soothes your skin while keeping you odorless and dry.

    Product Features:

  • Probiotics restore and maintain a healthy skin microbiome, neutralizing pesky odor-causing bacteria
  • Grapefruit oil contains antioxidants and natural antimicrobial benefits and provides a fresh scent
  • Coconut oil kills bacteria, nourishes and soothes skin
  • Glycerin moisturizes skin to heal cracks that trap odor causing bacteria and helps skin heal to better regulate temperature
  • Starch keeps your skin dry and cool
  • Aluminum free
  • Paraben free
  • Phthalates free
  • Synthetic fragrances free
  • Includes natural deodorant, 2 ct./1.7 oz.