Northlight 23.5" Sitting Tabletop Gnome Christmas Decoration - Brown and White

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    Product Overview
    Gnomes are best known for guarding Earthly treasures providing good luck and are perfect for protecting your Christmas goodies. Add this guy to your gnome collection or set up by your Santas. You don't have a gnome collection? This one is the perfect start.

    Product Features:

  • Standing tabletop gnome Christmas decoration
  • Soft dangling legs perfect for sitting on the edge of your desk or mantle
  • Long white beard comes down to a point
  • Adjustable wired hat and arms
  • Brown knit hat with matching socks
  • Brown fleece overalls
  • Tan boots with matching mittens
  • Striped leggings
  • Measures 11" high while sitting
  • Includes 23.5" brown and white sitting tabletop gnome Christmas decoration

  • (Model 34314383)